Saturday, January 10, 2015

Unpredictability of MS

Today, I am thinking a lot about how unpredictable this crazy disease is.  The outcomes vary wildly among individuals and degree of disability seems like a crap shoot.  This leaves everyone affected with MS wondering the BIG "What if's..." and can truly take a toll on psychological well being.  I'm convinced that the stress of worrying about what will happen wears us down and makes matters worse.

How do we live each day fully without the worry of what tomorrow will bring?  Wow, wouldn't it be great if I had the answer to that one!  :)

For me, taking control of what I can control is a major part of building security and emotional well being.  If I am able to exercise today, I do!  And, I believe it will help me have a better tomorrow.  If I have a food choice to make that I think can tip the scales in my favor, I try to make the right choice. If I have the chance to reach out and help someone else, I do.

All of this is no insurance policy against the disease!  I do not believe the choices I have made have determined my course of MS.  I do not believe the choices others have made have led them to more or less disability.

What I do believe is that I should do everything I can at every juncture I recognize to tip the scales in my favor.  What harm can there be in this?  If I am wrong, I will be healthier and happier in my mistake.  If I am right, I might just make my life a little less challenging.

I would love to hear your story about how you deal with the emotional challenges of MS.  Successes? Share them!  Questions?  Ask them.

On the journey...

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