Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Honest and Open

Nothing quite matches an honest and open conversation with a trusted friend!  Thanks, NJ, for a revealing and wonderful discussion about the realities of moving through life with the challenges of disorders like MS.

There is peace to be found in sharing, and I thank you, and everyone who is willing to join in this conversation,  I do not believe any one of us can find the strength, muster the resources, or gather the knowledge to solve any of this alone.

Join in the conversation!  There are ideas, support, and determination HERE!

Thanks, NJ!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Get To Water!!

One thing I have not yet discussed (maybe because it's winter!) is the great benefit of moving in the water.  Swimming  is fantastic exercise!  Don't limit yourself to just swimming laps, however.

Walking takes a lot of coordination - that is moving lots of systems together and in sync with each other.  Jumping takes even more.  Walking in the water requires a lower level of coordination AND provides some buoyancy.  Ditto for jumping!  Even when I am unable to jump on land, if I get into waist or chest level water, I can jump.  If I tip, I just float!  No impact, no loss!

Using the water as a general exercise medium works for aerobic-type exercise, yoga, and some cardio (water running or swimming).  There are special flotation belts that keep the body upright in water and allow you to sort of run in place in deep water.  Check out AquaJogger, for one.

Additionally, when the impact factor is removed AND the body temperature remains lower, the chances of being able to achieve an excellent workout increase.  Even if I am limited on land, I generally and much less restricted in the water.

So, get to a pool or an ocean.  Join a water exercise class or go it alone.  Try noodles, life jackets, running belts, swimming, jumping, yoga poses (you may be surprised what you can do)...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Proof enough for me!

Last weekend I had an incident.

I was lining up cross country ski boots around the wood burning stove, and (surprise, surprise) I lost my balance.  I reached out with my right hand and caught myself on the 700 + degree surface.

Good news and bad...  The bad news first!  I burned the pads of the first three fingers quite badly.  They are white and leathery and without feeling.  BUT, here's the good news...  I don't want to make too much of this, but I truly believe that the touch-point balance technique (outlined in the BALANCE tab) saved my hand.

I reached out reflexively and lightly with just a few fingers because I have trained myself to sustain and regain balance with this technique with years and years of practice.  The burn was localized to those small areas.  I am believing that without this mind-body training I would likely have reached out with my entire hand and put all of that vital tissue at risk.

The technique has kept me upright countless times and this time it may have saved my hand.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit the BALANCE tab.  If you would like more information on this very simple technique or how to apply it, comment below (and I'll happily type with one hand to reply!).

BTW - healing well day by day!