Monday, January 19, 2015

Overly Simplistic?

Let's ask an obvious question here:  Are any of these small ideas likely to lead to measurable changes?

I do not have the luxury of conducting rigorous, double-blind studies to test my theories.  I cannot lay any claim to any results.

What I am suggesting is that it is worth making small changes in activity levels to try to impact the course of this disease.

I feel like medical intervention can be a wonderful, life-saving modality.  However, I see health care intervention as a spectrum, a ladder, if you will.  My theory is to test and exhaust the least risky and least invasive approaches first, and move up the ladder to more expensive and risky interventions as the lower level approaches do not yield satisfactory results.

Are you willing to try some minimal exercises and lifestyle changes for a short time and to test and measure if there are results for you?  If not, please move on to the bigger things right away.  BUT if you are willing to try some other approaches, I have a few suggestions to lead you to reasonable, non-technical, non-medical trials.

Worth a try?  It sure is for me.  Your path is fully up to you!

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