Strength and Coordination

Let's be honest here...  nerve weakness overrides muscle strength.  But, I find myself constantly challenged by: "Do I want my nerve impediments to affect strong muscles or weak muscles?" I am painfully aware of the reality that nervous system plaques impose on muscles.  In spite of this, my goal is to keep the muscles as strong as I can, so when they work, they work as well as they are able.

Make any sense?

Lack of balance and coordination can be a huge barrier to living well.  Lack of balance can lead to falls and injuries. Loss of coordination can lead to self consciousness - which can keep us from doing and trying things we otherwise might.  Challenges here are both physical and psychological.  We will deal with both.

#1  - Let's Talk Yoga

I'm no yogi.  I don't have the knowledge base nor experience to make that claim.  Group classes are very difficult for me (psychologically) because my balance is terrible, and I am unable to hold most of the poses.

That said, I do practice yoga at home about two times per week.  It helps me tremendously with strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Some days I can do some things; some days, other things.  There seems to be little rhyme or reason as to why my yoga abilities are so transient.

I have found a few really good videos that I use in a rotation.  They are FREE on YouTube.  Search YogaYak on YouTube for expanded options.

Check them out!  They have lots of modifications and just enough coaching to help with postures without driving you insane with details.  The top one (pink shirt, white pants) is a really good, easier video.  All the videos with this instructor (Diane) are accessible at one level or another.  You might not be able to do every pose, but I bet you can find something in there for you.

Good luck.

Try a session and come back here to comment (please)!
  1. Hatha Yoga 1 -Easy Ground Work - Full 43 Minute Class

    • 7 years ago
    DVD: for 2 full classes on one DVD disk. Free download: ...

  1. Yoga Full Class 55 Minutes ~ Hatha Yoga Flow 2 with Diane

    • 5 years ago
    DVD: -2 full classes on one DVD disk. Free download: ...

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