Sunday, June 14, 2015


Absent!  Yes, I know!

I've been busy working on lots of small projects that add up to lots of time and energy.

I am back to coaching the cross country team (which I LOVE).  Additionally, I am writing and helping to execute running/training plans for all different kinds of individuals.  Some are teetering on over training, while others are just getting started in the movement realm.  It's all good.

Somehow, helping others move helps me stay motivated to move!  And, that's a great thing!

I've been struggling with some weakness/injury issues, but am continuing to run and swim.  I'm doing a lot of pool running and swimming.  The pool is quite forgiving - no balance required and no impact.  The cooling effects of the water help me to get a full workout in without wrestling the Ulthoff crap.

So, while it's hot, be COOL and hit the POOL.