Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Falling Down and Getting Back Up

I have spent some time in the past few months working with a wonderful friend and karate/fitness instructor on falling down and getting back up.  Yes, literally, how to fall down and minimize injury. We have also worked on getting up from the floor.

Sound easy?

Well, it's pretty challenging for me.

Over the next several days, I will break down some of what I have learned about how to fall down (hopefully without hitting my head or breaking any bones) and getting back up when I'm down.

If you have knowledge of these or other techniques, jump right in and join the conversation.   I'm no professional at this, but I am determined to better learn to fall WELL and to get back up as EFFICIENTLY as possible.

Thanks, Arlene, Frank and Mai for the wonderful instruction on this one!  I promise to keep working hard to execute all you've taught me!

Check back over the next several days for details in technique and some safe ways to practice for the inevitable!

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