Thursday, January 22, 2015

But, I Can't Exercise

But, I Can't Exercise... I Can't Walk...  I'm not coordinated enough...  I'm way to tired afterward... I hurt...  I'm too weak...  I lose feeling and coordination when I'm hot...  I don't like it...  I'm afraid...

Studies have shown that people with MS exercise less than the general population - and, folks, the general population is not exercising enough.  So, we are mopping up the basement in this category.

The CAN'Ts are real, but we have got to take steps to turn them around.  This is not a one-step process for any of us.  Small modifications can lead to additional changes in activity and so on.

There is clear evidence that exercise affects both the body and the mind.  Mood improvement/stabilization is touted as a major reason why runners self report that they do what they do and love it along the way.  The more we move, the more we benefit, the more we need to move. It's a wonderful, upward cycle.

Check out: for another take on this same subject.

Don't know where to start?  Try the Exercise tab or the Training Plans tab for some get-up ideas.

Get your MOVE on!

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