Sunday, April 24, 2016


The spring wildflowers are blooming and calling us all to the trails!

Going to the woods in the spring is a HABIT for me.

How do we form habits?  More importantly, how do we form constructive, positive habits?

Schedules work for me.  If I set a schedule (and do not let myself off the hook), I tend to wear a groove in my day where a positive activity dwells.  Running has become one of those HABITS.

Most all of our behaviors are habit based:  what we eat, when we eat it, whether or not we exercise, how we interact with others, ...  I think we are pre-programmed to work in a habitual manner.

So, I'm thinking a lot about the habits that dictate daily life and how to assure the HABITS are as positive as they can be.

The wildflowers will bloom - will I be there to appreciate them?  You?

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