Thursday, December 10, 2015

Friends In Need

I've gotten word this week that three - count 'em 3! - friends have been diagnosed with cancer.  One, diagnosed with lymphoma, is awaiting a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  One had successful surgery.  And, one can't get an appointment with the recommended Johns Hopkins surgeon until January 20.

All the love and support we can offer go out to these three and their amazing families!  It's hard to see their lives turn on a dime like this.  We stand with you to support you and offer whatever meager offerings we can.  I think of the Christmas story of the little drummer boy - he gave what he had, his talent to make music.

Even if we lack money and means, let us offer one another support, encouragement, love and security as we wrestle our mortal bodies. Let us stand, side by side, offering what we have to lift up each other during the Christmas Season!

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