Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Strength and Balance

Sorry to hit a common topic AGAIN, but lack of balance and MS go together like...  well, like, ruffled birds of a feather...  or something.

I make exercise decisions based on the assumption (which I hope is fact), that if I:

  1. practice balancing, and
  2. strengthen the muscles that aid balance
I will improve my balance (at best) or maintain my current level of balance (acceptable) or slow down the deterioration of my balance (at least).

I had to demonstrate an exercise today (yes, in front of athletes) that required more natural balance than I currently have. PUNT and skip the exercise or the demonstration?  No way!  I calmly asked for a supportive hand while I demonstrated the important technique of the exercise.  No one cares if I need that hand for some centering.  I used my strength to go through the full range of motion and was able to do a fair number of repetitions.

Point:  Don't let the lack of balance keep you from doing the work.  Get a hand.  Hold a wall.  Grab a bar.  Use a cane or walker.  Whatever it takes.  

And keep at it.  Practice, practice, practice.  Try to not compare today to the past.  Just keep striving so your tomorrows can keep you moving!

Check out the balance tabs for a few simple balance exercises.  There are more where those came from - so many more.  Message/email me if interested.

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