Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Public Support Groups?

I am on Facebook a little bit here and there.  I've chosen not to be a very active participant in that realm, but I watch my friends and my families post about their doings.  It is an interesting way to connect with people from the "way back" - like HS, college...

One trend I've noticed is a multi-level marketing concept where people (women?) post information about a product they are selling in conjunction with the promotion of healthy eating and exercise. People in these groups tend to encourage one another on their journey, which, at least from the outside, appears to be mainly about weight loss.

I have no idea if the model is successful, but it sure is prevalent.  Of course, there is a product to sell, so I'm sure that motivates the promoter to be actively engaged with the potential customer base.

Is there a space, like this, that would work for MS support (sans the product sales and promotion of body image)?  Could people bond together to encourage one another on the choices of every day life? This blog is not generating much comment, so I have no idea if it is of any use to anyone.  Perhaps a more interactive forum would be better?

Yes or no?  Let me in on your thoughts!

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