Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Negative in the Research??

Continuing the theme of research on MS and exercise outcomes, and I have found a few references to something that is making me quite uncomfortable.  A "negative" of sorts...

I stand by everything in my previous post.  The tested and measured outcomes for exercise programs are positive.

BUT this is not true across the board, and, hence, I pause.

There were two sub-groups that had very limited or no measurable gains from exercise programs: persons with MS who had high BMIs and those who were in later stages of progressive MS.  This news is alarming to me because these are two of the groups who stand to gain the most.

I searched high and low for the WHYs behind these limited outcomes.  No clear answers.

Somehow the combination of high BMI and MS and/or the advanced stages of the disease are even bigger challenges than the general MS population,

What's the course of action, then?  Simple to say, but dire in its consequences, I believe it is a mandate to fight tooth and nail against falling into either of these categories and start the exercise regiment and healthy living and eating ASAP!  We've got to encourage each other to move.  We've got to devise and access exercise programs for people who deal with MS.  We've got to move forward with the work and the research.

Anyone with thoughts or experience with this, please JUMP IN!

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