Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It's winter time - so, after many years,  I had the bright idea to try skiing again.  Good idea?  With compromised balance and limited control over and feeling in my feet?  Why not!

The first outing was an utter disaster!  After falling every single time I put pressure on my right leg and about 75% of the time I put the pressure on my left - I bumped and bruised my way down the hill.  Gravity won and I eventually ended up at the bottom of the hill

Enough, already.  What was I thinking?

My very clever husband ordered me a set of "skis" (otherwise known as blades) which are 99 cm long.  My traditional skis were already short by common standards (130 cm - I am 5'4").  The blades are ridiculously short.

I snapped in and WA LA!  I made it down the same hill with many, many, many fewer falls.  After a day of skiing, I was navigating down that hill!!

The season is coming to an end here in PA, but I skiied through the winter!

A little persistence, a little moxy and a whole lot of innovation in moving to smaller skis and I'm back on the hill!

Stay at it!  Be flexible!

Ski on - or as the snowboarders say, :SEND IT!


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